Hi, I'm Rob, a husband to Rachael and daddy to Emma and Thea. I'm a Christian, and I enjoy technology, cooking and cycling.

The girls

Emma and Thea on the lane

Emma and Thea on the lane

Cuddles with teddy's

Cuddles with teddy's

Rob on his bike

On my bike, North Yorkshire, UK


The girls and I live in Skipton (North Yorkshire, UK) at Newton Grange farm with a couple of thousand sheep. I know very little about sheep.

Yorkshire is a fabulous place to live and cycle. Why not come and visit.


I'm a Christian. I've been going to church all my life, but it was only really at secondary school that I discovered God for myself. That was at an amazing place called the The Briars.

Rachael and I met at a church in Leeds called St George's. Organising a charity cycle ride to Paris brought us together.

As a family we now attend St Andrew's, the local village church in Gargrave.

Rob and Rachael at Fox Glacier

Rachael and Rob at Fox Glacier, NZ

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