Hi, I'm Rob, a husband to Rachael and daddy to Emma and Thea. I'm a Christian, and I enjoy technology, cooking and cycling.

The girls

Emma and Thea on the lane

Cuddles with teddy's

On my bike


The girls and I live in Skipton (North Yorkshire, UK) at Newton Grange farm with a couple of thousand sheep. I know very little about sheep.

Yorkshire is a fabulous place to live and cycle. Why not come and visit.


I'm a Christian. I've been going to church all my life, but it was only really at secondary school that I discovered God for myself. That was at an amazing place called the The Briars.

Rachael and I met at a church in Leeds called St George's. Organising a charity cycle ride to Paris brought us together.

As a family we now attend Keighley Shared Church and also the local village church in Gargrave.

Rachael and Rob at Fox Glacier, NZ

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